Participating Breweries and Distilleries from last Year

Like many of the participants in HOLLER this year, New Riff Distilling and Ei8ht Ball brewing are proud members ofboth the Kentucky Distilling Association and the Kentucky Guild of Brewers. These trade groups work actively to support, enhance, and grow the craft communities in spirits and beer here in Kentucky.  The distilleries and breweries we work with through the KDA and KGB have been great friends, inspirations, and drinking buddies. We are so thrilled to invite not only current members of these organizations, but also a handful of small, innovative and quality driven companies to this festival. 

A few words from the KDA:  ‘In Kentucky, Bourbon is a way of life and a signature industry. Our legendary distillers pass down its secrets from generation to generation, using time-honored processes and recipes that are guarded like the Fort Knox vaults nearby. Bourbon creates about 15,400 jobs, pours hundreds of millions into the Bluegrass economy and attracts visitors from all over the world to the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail® and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Trail(R) experiences.

The Kentucky Distillers’ Association has been keepers of this Kentucky tradition since 1880 – and we’re proud of that honor. Today, the KDA is responsible for promoting and protecting all things Bourbon, from taxes to tourism, technical issues, new international markets, responsibility measures and much more. It’s a legacy, and a privilege, that we take very seriously.  

And from the Kentucky Guild of Brewers: The Kentucky Guild of Brewers (KGB)  exists to pursue the following objectives: to act as a singular voice and advocate for the Kentucky brewing industry in all pertinent matters of legislation and governmental administration; to evenly promote all member breweries through the organization of events and publication of media; and to amalgamate the knowledge and economic sway of member breweries. The Guild is organized and operated exclusively for nonprofit purposes.