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8 Life Choices I'm Glad I Didn't Make | The Financial Diet financial diet

This week, Chelsea talked about eight choices she’s thrilled she didn’t go through with, and exactly *not* making them saved her from wasting money. She talks about other choices you’re making too hard on yourself here:

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8 Dangers of Credit Cards and How You Can Avoid Them:

For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds:

The True Cost Of Owning A Car:

Your Driving Costs:

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Definitions and Examples of Opportunity Cost:

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8 Life Choices I'm Glad I Didn't Make | The Financial Diet

8 Life Choices I'm Glad I Didn't Make | The Financial Diet

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8 Life Choices I'm Glad I Didn't Make | The Financial Diet
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38 thoughts on “8 Life Choices I'm Glad I Didn't Make | The Financial Diet financial diet”

  1. "Classic college experience"……. Often times, this means getting distracted with too much partying, chasing girls, and doing everything else but going to classes and studying. The so-called "college experience" is way too overated.

  2. Love these videos!! The more I watch the more aligned I feel with Chelsea until learning that she majored in IR (which I'm hoping to study next year) how ironic!!

  3. #6 – choosing your friends and ditching toxic friends – is a MAJOR positive change that really deserves a video all to itself. It may sound harsh, but life really does get lots better when you begin selectively choosing your friends.

  4. i spent three years studying in a path i didn't enjoy at the beginning of 2020 my mood had hit an all time low so i decided to ive it up and to go on a strictly different path that i now realise i hate even more (i guess it's because i entered in during the pandemic and i feel kinda homesick with my former university as well as the point that it's not quite the best path for me) I figured i still don't know what to do with my life, my dream jobs are nothing safe (and entering a drama school would cost me a fortune) so instead of keeping on with studyig because it's the right thing to where: i don't have the motivation, i know it's not the right path for me, i don't have the maturity to do it right and i costs me money to wander around; i decided i should better start working for a half time job at the end of the year to have time to get my life together, experience stuff, learn about myself and bein able to save some money for when i know what to do with it, plus i would get some experience and not only it'll help me whenever i would audition for a dream job but that would mainly help me know what concessions i'm willing to make and how i would personally handle a situation

  5. the reason why i love thins channel is that from the experience she mentions she seems to have been the exact same kind of mess I am right now and seeing where she comes from and where she is now reassures and inspires me and i take notes to see how i can go to a point where I'm happy with myself

  6. I loved my Community College, I joined a bunch of clubs and was able to travel for free (competitions and volunteering) to so many states and even another country!

  7. I would've graduated college $10,000 less in debt if I didn't let other's (especially my mother's) perception influence me into a major I both hated and wasn't in my skill set. I also would've been financially better off not going to college at all…but then again if I hadn't, I wouldn't have met my fiance.

  8. Living with your parents is super common in other countries too. In Australia students usually stay with family through uni.

    I only lived on my own twice. I got a tiny apt to escape an abusive boyfriend which was very financially straining but I'm glad I did it. Then when I got my first grown up job… at 30… I did so again thinking I was too old but that forced me to live paycheck to paycheck. In hindsight I wish I'd moved out with a friend earlier.

  9. To add to the point about moving back in with your parents, you're also very lucky if you can! My parents abused me and I was removed from their care as a kid, so I have to be self-reliant and have had to be since I was 16 but, no matter how bad anything gets, I don't have that fall back

  10. Absolutely love you and your videos. You always bring home the fact one needs to focus on the bigger picture and life progression not everyone else’s perception. Which is so valid as social media makes it seem like other people’s perceptions of ones life is the only thing that matters even though in reality they are meaningless.

  11. So glad I didn't move out of my parents house saved up enough money to go to community college along with getting some skills

  12. I feel like the US mentality about credit cards is so different from the German/European one and I'm really glad about it, but maybe it's just a personal thing. I only use my credit card to an extend that I know I'll be able to pay back the next month, so I never accumulate debt or overcharge my account. That means I use it for payments where nothing but credit cards are accepted or on vacation.

    Of course that's only doable with a stable income and in itself a form of privilege.

  13. I think I won't ever have a credit card. I am not a fan of using someone else's money as my own and then being in debt. I will also never drive a car, it was long ago when I realised that I do not have psychological traits compatible with driving

  14. I was married at 22 and divorced at 26. definitely wait, because even if you’re ready for marriage, there is no guarantee your partner will be. and if they really love you, waiting won’t be an issue.

  15. Watching from Japan, it's interesting to note that most (not all) Japanese women handle their husband's money, while is does seem to be starting to change as men seek more financial freedom. As part of that though, many housewives have secret savings/divorce accounts.

  16. You say that there is always an alternative to driving, but public transportation isn't always possible. It's easy when you live in a country where they are bus and other ways to move wherever you are, but mostly everywhere else in the world it is not possible to go to work when you leave at 40km of your office and they are no subways, bus or else to go there. And again, when you have more than 10km to do to buy your food and everything else (and the roads are not safe for biking), you just can't rely on anything else than a car. Reducing the distances you drive is sometimes possible, but not always as you say.

  17. I am a huge advocate of community college first. Even for a couple semesters. The work is JUST AS HARD as any 4 year school.

    Choose the right degree, for you. Choose the right college, for you. Don't go to college for the wrong reasons. Don't go to a college you can't afford because of the name. No degree is worth getting into massive debt over. Also, every degree can be useless if you don't know how to network and market your skills.

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