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Home » Everything Is Falling – The Evergrande Crisis Explained financial crisis 2008 explained

Everything Is Falling – The Evergrande Crisis Explained financial crisis 2008 explained

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All of this starts with the Massive Chinese Real Estate company: Evergrande.

They were originally founded in 1996, and since then – they’ve become China’s second largest property developer, specializing in residential construction, hotel operations, finance, and the health industry. Their core business is buying up empty plots of land, and then transforming them into large residential buildings….although, over time, the company ALSO diversified their business across bottled water, electric vehicles, theme parks, a streaming service…and even a soccer team!

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But…there was a growing problem, and that would be: Debt. In order to PAY for the cost of building a new residential skyscraper…they need to borrow money. Most of that is generated from large banks, institutional investors, bond holders, and even homebuyers who agree to loan them money in exchange for a downpayment, or a modest interest rate over the following few years until the project is complete.

Evergrande took on $300 BILLION DOLLARS worth of debt to continue developing real estate, and this WORKED when they could build nonstop and continually roll that over to the next project…but when the Coronavirus lockdowns hit…everything was stalled. Supply chains were backed up, material cost went through the roof, labor was difficult to come by – and, as a result, their operations slowed down massively.

Investors, lenders, and bond holders don’t care if properties are half-finished and materials now cost 300% more…they want their interest payments as agreed. But, in June of 2021…Evergrande warned investors that they might not make their next payment, and that they were aggressively working to restructure debts to stay afloat.

At the same time, China issued a statement that banks should STESS TEST their exposure to Evergrande, meaning – they need to make sure they’ve not over-exposed in the event something were to happen…but the entire time, Evergrande said that they were operating as normal, there’s nothing to worry about…and it was business as usual…except, as we later found out, it wasn’t.

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On September 16th, China warned that Evergrande wouldn’t pay their interest the following week…and, instead, they would be renegotiating the terms to give them more runway to operate, and sell off their buildings to raise capital..but, that presented another problem.

Evergrande was at a complete standstill. They don’t have the resources to finish their half-built projects. No one wants to buy a half-built property for fear that values might continue to drop. Evergrande stock has dropped more than 90%, and the company is behind on its obligation to more than 70,000 investors. More than one MILLION buyers of unfinished projects are in limbo, having already submitted a downpayment that could now be worth absolutely nothing.

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Everything Is Falling - The Evergrande Crisis Explained

Everything Is Falling – The Evergrande Crisis Explained

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Everything Is Falling – The Evergrande Crisis Explained
financial crisis 2008 explained
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  1. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  2. Understandably, the purpose of buying real estate is to maintain a steady cash flow but real estate are slow seems to be crashing. I have a couple stocks. I've rather opted for a more aggressive approach and so far i've made over $105,000 in raw profits from just q4 of 2020. Investing has no one way to it. I'd like to retire with an investment worth atleast $1MILLION and I'm ready to work towards this goal. I'd love to know how to build wealth and amass good profit against all odds.

  3. I wonder how many people here know about the ghost cities in China. The people in those lotteries to get homes were not buying first homes. Those were lotteries to get investment properties. The developers don't finish the buildings and people are just buying the shell of a building in hopes that the value would continue to go up. There are towns in China where they built cities on the outskirts that have 500K units and zero of them are filled. People have been talking/reporting on this for a decade.

  4. -That is the same thing happening in the US… Vegas have those lotteries also to buying a home… a lot of people are coming to the US from China to buy these new properties built in Vegas area. They shoving money here to safe guard their funds.

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